Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What kind of kids come to Conviven?

Children who regularly come to Conviven are from Ciudad Oculta, a slum that is situated very nearby Conviven. Children in that neighbourhood are afflicted by many painful and stressful factors that deprive them of emotional stability.

For example:
  • The great majority does not have a paternal figure in their life – often, their father is in prison or has been imprisoned on various occasions, and, in some instances, both parents are in prison
  • Siblings almost never have the same father
  • They do not understand the meaning of privacy as it does not exist in their homes
  • Many children have to take on the role of “parent” and thus the burden of adult responsibility for their younger siblings
  • There is a lack of mutual respect, self awareness and respect for their bodies, which is often manifested by public displays of their sexuality irrespective of the presence of the other gender
  • They attend schools where they are mistreated and where they receive only a basic, minimal education.
They visit Conviven to learn and/or have social contacts with other children and our
international volunteers. Our mission is to help them have a better understanding of the world and encourage them to learn more so that they could have a better future.

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