Friday, March 20, 2009

The new kitchen!

Since the moment I arrived at Conviven, over a year ago I heard the on going grones at the state of the kitchen. Our kitchen serves not only the center but also the kinder garden as well as the local community. As new volunteers arrived and old ones left I found them handing me money, trusting that I would put it where it was needed. We began to think that if we called in a few favours and digged deep that we may in fact be able to raise the large amount which would result in an upgraded kitchen. As grotty as it was, it was still the heart of the community center and we began to imaging what a difference a new improved one could make. After some very generouse donations and fundraisers by current and old volunteers the money was finaly raised and the work began. Today a year on from when I arrived at conviven we sit contentily in a bright clean yellow kitchen drinking Mate.

A special thanks to Liis, Madie, Mrs Koerfer, Alex, Murielle and Sil and all the others that made it possible.