Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why volunteer at Conviven?

If you are interested in volunteering, Conviven is a great place to come – it gives a whole different perspective of Argentina and helps you to see some of the problems this society has. Maybe you can even make a small difference. Our volunteers mostly work with children from Ciudad Oculta and even if you work with these kids for short period of time you can maybe try to help them understand how important education is, what important values in life are and that the world is slightly bigger than their own neighbourhood. You could have an opportunity to contribute so that they could have a better life in the future.

Of course changing lives of these children is not the only reason you should join us. Volunteering at Conviven gives you great opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures, make new friends and also have bit of fun.

Our group is really international – lately we have had people from Australia, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Ireland and Estonia working together. Conviven is a good place to make new friends with whom to travel through Argentina, Latin-America or why not the whole world. People have made great friends while working at Conviven, a lot of our previous volunteers still stay in touch with each other.

Also there are different events happening all the time. Lately we had a huge fundraising party where everybody participated, so that we could make some money for getting a better heating system for Conviven. Since money is something Conviven lacks there will most likely be other events like that and you could be a part of them. Or maybe you have a better idea how to fundraise?

Besides all that working with us is a marvellous opportunity to improve your Spanish since nobody else but other volunteers speaks English at Conviven. The children are indeed learning English, but even in classes you need to communicate with them in their native language and the staff of Conviven has no knowledge of English what so ever.

So come to Conviven and be a part of our fantastic group in order help us to be a better organisation and impact children’s lives to help them to be better able to face the world.

Most people who have worked at Conviven have been rather satisfied with their experience. Read what they have said about their volunteering.
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