Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new Year

We started off the term of English classes 2010 the first week of March with a whole new group of volunteers. A new year is always a fresh start and we wanted to make sure that these new volunteers got off to a great start so we made some time to have demo lessons and meet several times to make sure everyone knew what they where doing. Once a volunteer has good class room management and plans their lessons with care and takes the time, one can see a huge difference in the number of children who return. I am really pleased to say that this past month has seen new children arriving every week to the extent that now we have children sharing seats as we are running out of space ! We have also been able to offer morning classes to the children and my weekly art club is still going strong.
Thanks to all the new volunteers who really have given us a great start to the year. I really hope that those who follow can carry on the great example and standard they have set in motion.