Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Every person who volunteers in a community center will have moments of, "If only I had this one other thing!" Sometimes they are simple conveniences or small improvements, and some are essential for carrying out daily activities, but most are things that could dramatically improve the classrooms and quality of lesson plans and classes. The things we wish for don't have to be new, and many things that people discard for their own use would work well for us. In case you have anything or know anyone who might, here's a list of a few of the things Conviven wishes for:

Musc equipment for the young-
Amplifiers of 80 watts, microphones, batteries, light, CD music player, lights for theater plays, acoustic panels, sound mixing board.

Circus work shops-
CLAVAS, juggling balls, swings, flags, unicycle, trapeze, SLINGAS, ropes and fabric, stilts, rings, colorful clothes, foam mattress, rubber flooring(16 sq. meters, each sheet 1x1 meters), ALAPARGATAS slipper shoes, and any other kind of circus materials-- Our dream is to be able to get a structure of 10 meters in height to allow air acrobatics.

For the kindergarten (2-5 years old)-
Learning games, rubber flooring, bags, tooth brushes, color pencils, soap, misc. games, seesaw, slids, tricycle, playpen, baby changer, medical kit, lice killer shampoo and comb, swim wear, goggles, towels, flip-flops, heater, pen drives for computer, USB.

Notebooks, shoes size 29-40, school bags, paper for binders, clay, glue, paint, scissors, rulers, rubber erasers, pencil sharpeners, tape, blocks of paper, black pencils.

Computer stuff-
Software: learning programs and educational programs.

Games for kids (6-12 yrs)-
Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs, sports shirts, football shirts, swimwear, towels, backpacks, goggles, sleeping bags, tents, camping mats.

A projectors to play movies for whole community, 2-4 laptops (used or new, but with DVD), digital cameras for juvenile hall, educational videos for juvi prisons, paint for external works, cleaning products, toilet paper, kitchen rolls, rubbish bags, bug repellent, deoderant, kicthen utensils, writing paper and envelopes, blank CDs, computer speakers, hard disks, one television, three portable stereos, telephones, copy machine, fans, video cameras, memories cards for digital cameras, clay oven for ceramics.

We know this is a large list and we can't have it all, but if you have something we could use, or know anyone who might, we will greatly appreciate any and all donations.
Pease contact us at our conviven web page or me directly at -
Thanks Bella