Friday, May 28, 2010

Musical Instruments needed please

Centro Conviven is a non‐for‐profit, non‐governmental social organization that

serves the children, teenagers, youths and families that live in Ciudad Oculta, a

shantytown located within the city limits of Buenos Aires, Argentina where more

than 16,000 people live in acute poverty. Founded in 1994 by Valmir S. Viera,

Conviven’s mission is to promote educational, extracurricular and occupational

development for not only young children, but also young men and women so that

they may take control over their futures. Conviven also acts as a healthy

environment away from prostitution, crime and drug addiction.

Its educational program includes classes in literacy, English, French, secondary

education and computer science among many more. To promote creative

development, Conviven offers workshops in drawing, photography, painting, loom, dance, theatre, and circus production, again among many more. Finally, Conviven also has a successful music program that offers classes in guitar, percussion, singing, piano and trumpet.

The significance of these classes in the lives of the hundreds of children and youth Conviven serves cannot be emphasized enough. For those who have so little, these acts of creativity cultivate empowerment and hope.

Given its success, we are currently in the process of expanding our music program to include a full symphonic band. While we have the teachers and infrastructure in place, we still lack the instruments. If you or someone you know is interested in donating instruments, we would be extremely grateful for your support.

For more information on Conviven, please feel free to visit our website at or email us at .

Thank you very much for your support!

Warm wishes,

Centro Conviven