Friday, August 24, 2007

Changes in Teach English Programme

This week we reorganized a little the Teach English Programme since lately the participants in classrooms have been on such different levels that it has brought difficulties for both teachers and students.

Kate from the States, Josh from Canada and me created a test to find out how much children know about English. Some of the children who have been attending classes more or less regularly during the past months did unfortunately not know much about English. At the same time some of them knew a lot. Zaira even got 50 points out of 60.

As a conclusion we now have three groups A, B and C that are more or less at the same level. Group A is for beginners and most kids in that class are very young. Group C has the highest level and I am hoping to take some of them even out of that group since they are that advanced.

Also next weeks seem promising in sense of new volunteers, we have some 5-6 people coming in more or less at the same time and some of them are coming for at least a few months.

We are still looking for people who could teach math, help children with their homework (maybe even start a class to help them learn to read), organise our library etc. Read more about opportunities of doing voluntary work in Buenos Aires with us.

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