Saturday, November 3, 2007

Class B improvements in English

With the arrival of several more volunteers at Conviven over the past month, we have been able to split Class B into 2 smaller groups. This has allowed us to give the children more individual attention, focusing on their specific needs, shares our volunteer Laura.

We quickly discovered that Class B are english experts when it comes to numbers, colours, clothing and the human body, so over the past few weeks we have introduced several new subjects.

Incorporating the verbs "to be" and "to have" we have worked on a range of topics from general greetings, personal information and the family tree, to "free time", "the classroom" and animals. We help the kids learn using pictures, worksheets and games, where hangman seems to be a particular favourite.

The kids fill in a "today board" on the wall each class that summarises the day, the month, the weather and the time via pictures and cards. This gives them an opportunity to practise these topics in an interactive way.

We had a special class for Halloween where not only did the kids learn the english words for bat, witch and pumpkin, but the kids taught the teachers the spanish words too!

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