Thursday, November 15, 2007

We did it!

As far as I know Nahuel flew out for Rome last night and he should be getting on a plane to Istanbul just in a few hours. We still do not have all the money we need, but at least we did not have to pay for the flight from Buenos Aires to Rome.

This all was possible because of Laura, Benjamin, Valmir and all the people that donated money for the cause. Thank you all so much!

Longer and more detailed report is coming up in a few days. Please keep your fingers crossed for little Nahuel!

For those who do not know: Nahuel is a 10 year old boy who comes to learn English at Conviven and is a chess genius who had the opportunity to compete on the World Championships in Turkey. During the last month we have been trying to find money to get him there. Links are also coming up in a few days as I am writing this post from a hostel far away from Buenos Aires.

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