Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last weeks in Conviven

Our last weeks have been relatively busy despite the fact that kids are on holidays. First of all our new volunteer coordinator took over. Bella is now fully in charge of everything and Liis has left.

Also we took the kids to visit Latin-American Modern Art Museum – Malba. After waiting for the bus for some half an hour and then getting lost since the driver didn’t really know where the place is, we arrived at Malba on Friday, the 25th of January.

The kids had a wonderful experience where Malba staff introduced them to Emilio, Petorruti, Antonio Berni and other Argentine artists whose works are up on the walls. After that everybody had a chance to make some art as well. You can have a look at the pictures taken in Malba here.

On the following day we cooperated with volunteers from South American Explorers who helped us to paint some of the walls downstairs in the big hall. We had about ten people in the house.

On Tuesday, 29th of January some of our volunteers went to Banco de Alimentos to help them with sorting all the food that had been donated during December and the day after that the kids went to a beach trip on Lucila del Mar and you can read more about that from our next post.

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