Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graffiti Taller

These past few weeks has seen an impressive graffiti workshop taking place at Conviven. A volunteer from Norway Sgur Seibt came to Buenos Aires to visit his girlfriend who is working as a volunteer at Conviven. They came up with the idea that as he was here he could do his own graffiti workshop with the kids. The project took some planning and of course fundraising on their part to be able to get all the spray cans needed for the project. The project would involve spraying the entrance hall way of the center and also some seperate workshops with youths in a prison. All of us have been very impressed with Sgur and Siri's commitment and hard work. The results are breathtaking and now every time I go to work I am reminded how much can be achieved when a person is really willing to get their hands stuck in. 
Thanks guys! We are really gonna miss you. 

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