Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Club

Thursday afternoons, once English classes are all done the children all squeeze into one room for my Art class. This class has kids ranging from 5 to 15 yrs all with a crazy excitement to create a mess and something fun. They get to make things like finger puppets, collages, clay figures. They learn about famous artists and how everyone of them is able to create great pieces of art. At the moment we have 25 kids which is a great deal in ways of lack of space and materials. We have kids sharing chairs or just having to stand but they have a great time so that 's all that matters. What we do need is resources, for 25 kids you can end up needing a lot of things. I spend most weeks searching the attic of Conviven for odd bits and pieces finding old card, pasta, rice, paper cups and of course if you think hard enough you can create something from nothing.

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