Thursday, October 11, 2012

Art Class is Making Waves

The Thursday morning art class, part of an agreement between the Adolescent Program of the City of Buenos Aires and Centro Conviven has been hard at work designing a project that will beautify some of the indoor and outdoor spaces in the house. Centro Conviven already has some art on its walls in the classrooms, but the upstairs area is mostly bare of any decorations. The class started out with smaller drawings to decorate their classroom but the students found themselves looking for another way to express themselves. The larger mural-sized projects are a perfect outlet for these teenagers to show off their drawing skills, as well as practice teamwork as they design, draw and paint the decorations as a group.

Upstairs in the house there is a meeting room that serves as a classroom, two classrooms with desks and chalkboards, and a computer room that contains 12 computers. In the middle of these rooms is a large space with a library that has little to no decoration on the walls, as you can see in the photo below.

The students in the art class are setting out to change this, however. They have envisioned a beautiful ocean scene on tiles that will be placed above the shelves of the library. The photos below are the beginnings of their work on that part of the mural. 

Other projects are individual drawings that the students have made that will painted directly on the wall, and other surprises that you will have to come back to the blog to see the final product. Or, as a volunteer at Conviven you will have the opportunity to see these decorations a few times a week! 

Check back soon to see what else the students at Conviven have been up to!

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