Thursday, September 13, 2007

New courses at Conviven

As the weather has turned a little warmer here in Buenos Aires, Conviven also has some news. First of all we have a lot of new volunteers willing to make the centre a better place for the children.

Also we have some new courses. This week Jaime-Jin from the States and Ida from Norway started an art class that takes place every Monday at 14.00. The first class was not that popular, but hopefully the word spreads all over Ciudad Oculta.

Next week Jana and Michael from Germany and Benjamin from Denmark will give their first class of theatre for 6-14 years old children. The theatre class is scheduled to Wednesdays, also starting at 14.00.

Past few days have been rather silent in the sense of students – when it rains not so many kids show up to Conviven.

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