Saturday, September 1, 2007

Conviven student to compete in Turkey

The silence has been long, but we have good news – one of our students, ten year old Nahuel Rojas will travel to Turkey this November to compete in an International Chess Championship.

Nahuel has been playing chess since the age of five, and he currently studies privately with a chess master. He recently demonstrated his impressive skills at Conviven, where Nahuel is enrolled in the Teach English programme. One of our English teachers unwisely decided to challenge Nahuel to a game. Despite his superior age, Profe Zach lost to the ten year old Nahuel in less than thirty minutes.

Nahuel’s older sister, Noelia, is also an avid chess player. Like Nahuel, the eleven year old Noelia studies privately and competes regularly in tournaments. Noelia joins her brother in English classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Good luck to Conviven’s chess champs!

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