Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Conviven volunteers conquering the villa

Las week we started new classes in the villa – art, dance and theatre. All of them were very popular and we met a lot of new, happy and joyful kids.

Our volunteer Benjamin from Denmark shares his experience with the first theatre class:
“We decided to start with a lot of games so that we could get to know the children and that they could get to know us. Of course at first we played a little name-game, where everybody sits in a circle and one stands in the middle.
When the first name is shouted, the person in the middle has to touch the one who’s name was shouted, before he or she says another name, because then the one in the middle has to touch the person who’s name was shouted next.
After getting to know each other we played a whole bunch of other games, their favourite appeared to be a more theatre related activity where everybody had to act out different things.
We’re all looking forward to next class!"

Next week we'll also start teaching English in the villa on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 14.00-15.30. If you are interested in joining as a teacher, leave a comment or write to Liis (kangsepp at gmail dot com)!

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