Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chess genius needs help

In September we were happy to announce that 10 year old Nahuel is going to Turkey to compete in an international chess championship. Now it has turned out that Nahuel has the opportunity to go, but his family cannot afford it.

We are running short in time – Nahuel has to leave to Turkey in less than a month, but we are trying to get some funds together to help him get there. So if you are interested in helping Nahuel, please write ASAP to our volunteer Laura (laurajudith31 @ hotmail.com) who is in charge for this project.

Usually so happy and bright Nahuel has been really sad lately and we suspect it might have something to do with the fact he cannot go to Turkey. He has been playing chess for five years now and is currently studying privately with a chess master. Let’s help him to be happy again!

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