Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Short overview of our everyday life

There is a lot going on at Conviven right now. I think the place has never ever seen so many volunteers at the same time – our team has 25 members right now and next week we’ll get two more people. You think it’s too much? Well, might seem that way, but since there is a lot to do, I am sure we are able to find something to do for everybody.

Next week we’ll start classes in the villa – three times a week kids can come to learn art and participate in different workshops, such as theatre, dancing or music. Hopefully we can soon have classes every day soon.

Our most advanced students – Group C – have a new activity where they write letters to their pen-pals every week. If you are interested in becoming a pay-pal, contact Lizzie (lizziemoran1 at yahoo dot com).

The theatre workshop we started a few weeks ago is getting popular, as last week the teachers had more than 10 students attending.

Next week, on the 26th of October we’ll have a party to fundraise more money for the central heating system. If you are interested in attending, leave a comment and I can share more information.

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