Monday, May 12, 2008

Fundraiser on Labour Day

Of course I plan a fundraiser for Conviven on the same day as a national holiday, Labour Day, in Argentina, writes our fundraising coordinator Alex Salas.

Despite this case of bad planning on my part the night was a big success. We are trying to secure an "Asocacion Civil sin fines de lucro" status, which is a legal filing that confirms Conviven's non profit status and legally registers the organization as an NGO. With the title, which must be processed by a lawyer, accountant or notary, Conviven can operate as an independent organization, open a bank account and raise funds that will go directly to Conviven and its community.

Conviven has operated since 1994, but has remained under the guidance of other NGO's like Help Argentina. They have been wonderful in supporting Conviven, but as is the case in all walks of life, it’s time for Conviven to spread its wings and operate independently. We feel that this will be the first step in the long and successful journey that Conviven will embark on. We have the foundation, the leader, the volunteers and more importantly the CHILDREN who are eager to learn, build and excel.

Through friends and family we managed to raise quite a lot of money which will go directly to the process of securing the Asocacion Civil. We are well under way and look forward to the new path that awaits Conviven.

Thank you to the volunteers of Conviven who helped entertain that night! You were great and I couldn't have managed with you.

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